/** Lightweight PHP Framework.
From developers to developers. */


Folders Structure

Base: app/config/
Environment: app/config/env/

Environment folders

Path: app/config/env/
In this path, is located the configuration files folders for each environment.

Example, the development environment is named "dev" and production is "foo_server":
dev path: app/config/env/dev/
vps_onamae path: app/config/env/vps_onamae/

Universal Environment Configuration File

Path: app/config/env/ENV.json
Format: json

ENV.json Structure

"PRODUCTION": "vps_onamae",
"DEV": "dev",
PRODUCTION: Name of production environment
DEV: Name of development environment
       true: Regenerates the cached configuration files
       false: Use the the cached files located in app/Storage/env

Environment configuration files